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Lormar Endurance MTB Tour 2018 Buyers Guide

Extreme Lights Partner With Lormar Endurance MTB Tour 


3 Days | 160km | 2000m

Purebred Arabian horses, brilliant live music, fading Karoo light and an MTB night stage ready to go.

This is the scene at the start of the annual limited-entry Lormar MTB Tour – a unique three-day mountain bike experience in the heart of the Karoo from Fairview farm to Nieu Bethesda and back. 
In 1965 an Arabian thoroughbred named Lorraine of Kismet Riding Stud won the grueling 127-mile horse marathon between Hanover, De Aar, and Richmond in the semi-desert Karoo; hence the name Lormar. Today this tradition is shared on this farm on mountain bikes through the heart of the remote Compasberg region.

Rian Gouws, Urban Goat Event Management:

“We’re thrilled to be partnered with Extreme Lights for the Lormar Endurance MTB Tour. What better way to ride into the Karoo sunset and platteland Milky Way than with Extreme Lights to guide the way. We’re excited to introduce our riders to quality bicycle lights. The dam wall bridge obstacle on stage 1 night ride will be pure indulgence for all Extreme Light owners.”

Extreme Lights director, Charl du Plessis:

“Being family people ourselves, with a big passion for nature and outdoor sports, we found partnering with Lormar to be the perfect fit. We love being the official light partner for the 2017 & 2018 events. We look forward to brightening up the event by making sure everyone is visible, keeping safety in mind.
Our favourite light for the #ultimatekarooexperience? The Nifty Cycle Light, without a doubt!”


The route consists of three stages, covering a three-day period.

Stage 1’s starting time is at 18:30, it’s a Night Ride starts & finishes at Fairview Farm Ride. Riders ride into the sunset and get welcomed by the spectacular Karoo night skies. The Night ride is an exciting start to the Lormar Endurance MTB Tour!

For this stage of the tour, you will need a cycle light and warm clothing. As Lormar’s official light partner we’ve prepared a buyers guide, specifically with the Lormar Tour riders in mind.

Buyers Guide

For the Lormar you should have three lights, each serving a different purpose.

Primary Handlebar Light, Backup Light & Rear Red Light

Primary Handlebar Light

For the Lormar Stage 1 Tour, we suggest our very handy Nifty Cycle Light

The 500 Lumen Nifty Cycle Light is part of Extreme Lights’ all-new range of USB Rechargeable Battery Integrated Cycle Lights.

Lightweight, with a focused beam, the Nifty Cycle Light has ample light to let you see clearly on any road.  A super bright and visible flashing mode makes you very visible to other road users – great for road riding and commuting.  The Nifty Cycle Light easily mounts to your handlebar with the included mount.

Using the optional Helmet Mount, it makes a great secondary helmet light when riding technical single tracks.

The Nifty gives you a runtime of 1.5 hours on its highest setting, 3 hours on medium, 6 hours on low and 12 hours on flash, which is plenty of light for this specific event.

Backup Light

The Extreme Lights Basecamp Headlamp is ideal.

The purpose of a backup light is to:

  • Get you home safe if your primary light fails (due to crash, damage or running out of battery), or
  • Let you work on your bike when you have technical problems en route.

A backup light has to have its own batteries.  You can keep it in your rear pocket, and wear it on your forehead, beneath your helmet, in case of an emergency.  It is lightweight and comes with 3 Duracell AAA batteries in the box.

Rear Red Light

The Two Eyes Rear Bicycle Light, powered by two AAA batteries, is super bright – even during daytime.

You need to be visible from the rear, as you will be traveling in a large group at night and want to avoid bumping into each other, this also makes it easier for support vehicles to see the riders.

Extreme Lights Top of the Range products

If you’re an extreme MTB fan and find yourself doing Off Road Trail riding on dirt roads, jeep tracks, and single tracks.  Not just any single track, but challenging single tracks, you might want to check out our top of the range products.

Photos: Capcha Photography