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New HI3 Motorbike Light Launched!

Finally, after 9 months of back and forth to our manufacturers in China, endless designs and quality tests, our brand new Motorcycle Lights have arrived:  Behold the HI3 Motorcyle LightHI 3 Side Angle Right Designed from scratch, these were designed for South African riding conditions with the South African Rider in mind. Features include:
  • Three Functions (depending on how you wire them)
  • HIGH:  3000 Lumen with a beam distance of 339m (Ansi FL-1 Standards).  A slightly wider hotspot, with a lot of peripheral light.  This allows you to see the complete picture up ahead.
  • LOW:  450 Lumen.  This can, in theory, be used as a daytime running light. (Only in theory, as this would be illegal on South African roads).  It would, in theory, not completely blind oncoming traffic.  HIGH mode will completely blind oncoming traffic and should not be used in any traffic.
  • FLASH:  This makes you very, very, very visible, but should never be used in regular traffic.  If you are a lead bike at cycle races, or have to ride between lots of pedestrians, you would, in theory, use the flashing function.
  • Proper IP67 testing - 1 hour under 1 meter of water.
  • Water resistant electronics - wait for the video to see this one.  You will probably not believe it if we have to tell you now....
  • 12 month warranty.
  • Overheating and Reverse Polarity protection.
HI3 waterproof Waterproofing is priority and the design was tested to its limits. Passing the 1m water test with flying colours. PCB waterproof One additional layer of water protection was added by making the electronics resilient to water.   For more information on the HI3 with pricing follow the link to the product page `