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Niteye® Lights now in SA!

Niteye SA is the official South African supplier of the fantastic range of LED lights by Niteye®, a premium flashlight and cycle light manufacturer. Very popular with cycling and outdoor sports enthusiasts abroad, this quality flashlight and/or cycle light alternative is now available in South Africa. All our products are expertly crafted from aircraft grade billet aluminium, with a distinct compact design and a crisp white light beam.

All Niteye lights feature a 2 year full warranty on the light unit and a 1 year warranty on all other components with a lifetime limited warranty.

The  range currently available in South Africa consists of the following lights:

  • Two cycle light variants the B10 and B20
  • An EDC (Every Day Carry) light the EYE10
  • Two high output multi-emitter compact flashlights the EYE30 and EYE40
  • A headlamp the HA30