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Passionate About Our 70W Night Raider Spots | DIY Flashlight

Barry Raath, a very passionate client used one of our popular 70W Night Raider Spots to make his very own DIY Flashlight. Here's how he did it: 

It's a 70W Night Raider Flashlight (yes we know, unbelievable)! 
A few years ago Barry bought a 70w night raider spotlight from us with the intention of building a flashlight. So he designed & 3D printed a body out of ASA plastic.

The flashlight runs on a 5 cell 5000ma Lipo battery. It is also fitted with a cooling fan and a battery level indicator. On a full charge, it will run for 105 min. This is something quite amazing. It will light up a distance of 400m easily. 


* Note: For safety reasons, we do not recommend you try this at home. 

* Product not for sale, only a really cool project by Barry Raath

More about our 70W Night Raiders

An LED spotlight that is truly a SPOT light! With a beam pattern of ONLY 7 degrees, the 70W Night Raider has the narrowest beam pattern and furthest reach in our road lights range. It also boasts a 400m beam distance, unequalled in the world of LED spotlights.

  • Individual Deep Reflectors with Clear Lens for Maximum Beam Distance
  • Super Narrow 7 Degree Beam Angle. See Beam Angles for full details
  • 6 amps at 12V
  • Runs on 10V to 30V
  • High Power CREE XM-L LEDs
  • Actual Lumen 6 300 (Theoretical Max of 7 000)
  • Sealed Deutsch Connectors
  • Over-Sized heavy duty mounting bracket
  • IP67 Certified (1-meter water depth for 30min)
  • Electronically protected against RFI/EMC interference
  • CE, Rohs Compliant
  • For Off-Road use ONLY
  • Warranty Period: 2 Years

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Photo Credit: Craig Muller