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The Shocking truth about li-ion batteries

We have taken the time to compare a range of commonly available cycle light batteries.  From the cheapest to the best on the market and the result was very interesting.   One of the most over looked and under appreciated element of a cycle light is its battery pack. Selecting a light is often based only on price and lumens. The price is significantly influenced by the quality of the battery pack. Up to 2/3 of a light’s cost can be attributed to the battery pack. For this reason the quality of the battery pack is compromised to accomplish price cuts. Regardless of how good the light is, if its battery pack is unable to provide sufficient power, the light is useless. Therefore the quality of the battery pack should not be compromised. In our opinion, the battery pack is even more important than the lumen rating. Read the results here Cycle Light Battery Pack Comparison   Cycle lights that come standard equipped with high quality Panasonic cells are: Extreme 1400 1000 lumen for 9h weighing 416g Extreme 2k 1800 lumen for 4h weighing 399g Extreme 3K 3000 lumen for 3h weighing 61