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24V 6Ah UPS Lithium Battery Success
24V 6Ah UPS Lithium Battery Success
24V 6Ah UPS Lithium Battery Success
24V 6Ah UPS Lithium Battery

24V 6Ah UPS Lithium Battery

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The 24V 6Ah UPS Lithium Battery is a drop-in replacement for 2 x 12V 7Ah Lead Acid batteries in a 2000VA UPS.

This lithium battery directly replaces two 12v 7Ah sealed lead acid batteries inside 2000VA UPSs. This battery has a BMS specifically designed for use inside a UPS that takes a two 12v 7Ah lead acid batteries.

This lithium battery is an upgrade in terms of how many cycles the battery can do (how many times it can be drained before it needs replacing), but it does not store more energy than the old lead acid batteries it is replacing.

This battery is ideal if you use your UPS to power a device for a few hours and the frequency of load shedding is killing the lead acid batteries.

The load determines how long the UPS can be operated.

These UPS are about 75% efficient. From testing a 24W load will run for 4hrs+, a 48W load will run for 2hrs+, and a 100W load will run for 1hr+.

NOTE 1 : Although this is a 6Ah battery, it perfectly replaces a 12v 7Ah old lead acid battery since 100% of capacity is available and does not decrease like lead acid it is replacing.

NOTE 2 : The maximum load on UPS cannot be more than 100W, then BMS protection will trigger.

NOTE 3 : This battery BMS is built specifically for a small 12v UPS. Normal 12v 6Ah/7Ah lithium batteries do not work correctly.

- Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery Technology
- Lasts Up To 10x Longer Than Typical Lead Acid Battery
- Integrated BMS (Battery Management System)
- BMS designed for use inside a UPS that takes a single 12v 7Ah lead acid battery.
- Longer service life : >2000 cycles service life
- Deep discharging : Can be 100% drained

- Nominal Voltage: 25.6 VDC
- Nominal Capacity: 6 Ah
- Energy: 153.6 Wh
- Cycle Life: > 2000 Cycles
- Charging Voltage: 27.6 VDC to 28.8VDC
- Max Charging Current: 10 A
- Max Discharging Current: 10 A (Pulse 12A, <3S)
- Protection Features: Short-Circuit | Over-Current | Over-Voltage | Under-Voltage
- Dimensions (mm): 148 x 125 x 93mm (L x W x H)
- Product Weight: 1.7kg

1 x 24v 6Ah UPS Lithium Battery

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