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Ballast BAMH1000-CWA/230EU for 1000W Metal Halide Fittings

Ballast BAMH1000-CWA/230EU for 1000W Metal Halide Fittings

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This Ballast is used along with the TG1000 Metal Halide complete case with globe.


Voltage Compatibility: The "230EU" in the model number indicates that this ballast is designed for use with a voltage of 230V 

Core and Coil Design: The ballast is likely built with a core and coil design, which is common for HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lamp ballasts.

CWA Circuitry: CWA stands for "Constant Wattage Autotransformer," which is a type of circuit used in HID ballasts. It allows for a degree of control over the lamp's power output.

Compatibility: This ballast is specifically designed for use with 1000W Metal Halide lamps. Ensure that your fixture and lamp are compatible with this ballast.

Ignitor: It may include an ignitor as part of the ballast system, necessary for initiating the discharge process in Metal Halide lamps.

Thermal Protection: Some ballasts come with thermal protection features to prevent overheating. This can contribute to the longevity of the ballast and the connected lamp.

-Input Volts: 240V
Line Volts ±10%
Lamp Watts ±10%

-Line Current Amps)
Operating 4.70
Open Circuit 3.10
Starting 3.10

-Recommended Fuse (Amps ) 12
-Temperature Ratings
Insulation Class H
Coil Temperature Code B
Benchtop Coil Rise 74.12

-Power Factor (Min) 90%
-Input Watts 1070W

-Current Crest Factor 1.60
-Nom. Open Circuit Voltage 412
-Input Voltage at Lamp Dropout 140
-Minimum Ambient Starting Temp -20°F/-30°C

50 HZ Test Procedures
High Potential Volt Test:
One Minute 1,650V
1 Second 2,000V
Open Circuit Voltage Test (V) 380-444
Short Circuit Current Test (A) Min 4.95 Max 5.85
Input Current Min 2.30 Max 3.50

Capacitor Requirements
Microfads 30.0uf
Volts ( Min) 480V

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