What Cycle Lights Do I Need For The Trans Baviaans?

What lights do I need for the Trans Baviaans 230km cycle adventure?

For the Trans Baviaans, you should have three lights, each serving a different purpose:


The Extreme Lights Endurance Cycle Light was designed specifically for ultra long distance races at nighttime, such as the Trans Baviaans.  It has three unique features:

  • Beam Pattern & Distance:

The Endurance Cycle Light has a very wide beam pattern with a concentration of light in the middle.  The hotspot in the middle lets you see very far (up to 254m). The very wide flood on the sides allows you to see “through” the corners.  This is great when you are coming down the pass at speed towards Condomo.  Rather than having your light pointing over the cliffs on the side of the road (where your handlebar is pointing) you can already see where you need to turn to as you approach the corners.

  • Runtimes:

Exceptional battery life.  The standard battery pack should last you the entire duration of the race unless you are one of the backmarkers!   LOW mode (40 hours) is fine to use on flat and uphill terrain.  MID mode (10 hours) is great for fast flats and normal downhills.  BOOST mode (2.5 hours) should only be used if you are chasing down steep descents at great speed, and need maximum light. 

  • Handlebar Mount:

The quick release clamp is 100% secure and does not move around on your bike.  It WILL not move around over bumpy terrain, so you won’t end up looking at your front wheel.  Once adjusted to your handlebar width, it secures to your bike within seconds.  


The purpose of a backup light is to:

  • Get you home safe if your primary light fails (due to crash, damage or running out of battery), or
  • Let you work on your bike when you have technical problems en route.

A backup light has to have its own batteries.  The Extreme Lights Basecamp Headlamp is ideal.  You can keep it in your rear pocket, and wear it on your forehead, beneath your helmet, in case of an emergency.  It is lightweight and comes with 3 AAA batteries in the box. 


The Trans Baviaans takes place on public roads.  You need to be visible from the rear, as there may be vehicles on the road.  The Two Eyes Rear Bicycle Light, AAA Battery powered, is super bright - even during daytime. 

I am slow and afraid that I won't make it back with only one battery.

We have three Battery Packs available with different capacities.  They are housed in an awesome Neoprene Pouch.  All are compatible with all our lights. The bigger mAh battery, the longer runtimes.


Remember to be on the lookout for your 10% Extreme Lights Discount Coupon in one of the Trans Baviaans emails, which will be sent to all the race participants.

A Rundown Of Everything You Need:  


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